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InterpoCalcLt Makes its Debut in the Store

By deans ~ July 7th, 2011. Filed under: Announcements.

InterpoCalc Thumbnail Screen ShotWe’re just as happy as can be about our latest app — InterpoCalcLt, an InterpoCalc App Store Icon ad supported professional data analysis tool that processes tabular data into a wide range of more immediately useful formats

InterpoCalcLt provides engineers, scientists, business analysts, or anyone else who uses tabulated data with an extremely useful tool for quickly performing single- linear, double- linear, and single-parabolic interpolations and extrapolations.  The app includes visual confirmation graphs (single-linear and single-parabolic) and easy data entry using a custom numerical App Store Badge keypad.  Results and input can be e-mailed for later use, sharing, or documentation, in either table format (HTML), or plain text format. Optionally, a .csv file may be attached.  This file can then be imported into a spreadsheet.


InterpoCalc app icon


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