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Will Indie Game Devs Be Squeezed Out?

By deans ~ December 18th, 2009. Filed under: Observations.

It sounds like the big guys are realizing what the rest of us figured out a while ago.  The iPhone and iPod Touch are great gaming platforms.  The recent moves by Electronic Arts to bring serious titles to the devices validate their suitability for hardcore play.  My only concern is whether this will close the door on small developers that don’t have the resources to do studio level graphics and sound design.

Screens from New EA iPhone Games

Image Credit:  Fast Company

In a past role, I spent time at both EA and Lucas Arts.  I’ve seen their production values.  EA will certainly raise the standards for games on the iPhone.  I just wonder whether there will still be a place for the humble efforts of small shops like ours.  If nothing else, as the Fast Company post suggests:

“…it’ll be harder for mom and pop games to get noticed…”

Is anyone else out there worried about how they’ll compete against the big game studios?


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1 Response to Will Indie Game Devs Be Squeezed Out?

  1. Shashi Patel

    Independent developers should ban together more to combat the competition. Maybe it’ll be comparable to what goes on with the Mac:


    What’s your take on the idea of independent stores like Cydia? Do you think that would help indie developers?