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“Staff Favorites” Scammed?

By deans ~ December 9th, 2009. Filed under: Observations.

According to numerous stories (like this one) circulating the past few days, the enterprising people at Molinker have been gaming the App review system.  Apparently, they handed out promo codes to get 5-star reviews.

The Wired story linked to above has the money quote:

“This scam was so effective that the applications regularly rose to the tops of charts. One, called ColorMagic, even made it into the Staff Favorites section of the store (which brings some doubt as to whether these are actually staff picks at all).”

It does indeed make me wonder how they go about identifying their “favorites.”

The cynic in me can’t help noticing that Molinker produced 1 app for every 5 units of the iPhone sold during the launch with China Unicom (we’re told that Apple yanked 1000 of Molinker’s apps).  Oh well, 1% fewer apps are out there competing for attention.


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    Following a brief investigation triggered by the iPhone photography blog iPhoneography, Apple has banished Chinese developer Molinker and its estimated 1000 iPhone apps. The majority of Molinker’s applications were pitiful copycats of existing popular apps, but that’s not what triggered.