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Mission NOT Accomplished

By deans ~ November 3rd, 2009. Filed under: Observations.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from the iPhone’s launch in China.  Many of my friends in the country already have gray-market iPhones.  However, given the device’s rockDisappointment:  Only 5K New Subscribers! star receptions everywhere else it debuts, I might have guessed that it would make a bigger splash last week.

According to AppleInsider, the launch resulted in just 5K new subscribers for China Unicom.

Another story suggests some of the reasons for the “soft” launch.  Although the reporter is still optimistic about the iPhone’s future in China, the excuses include:

  • It’s too expensive.  No kidding — US$1,024 for a crippled (w/o 802.11) 32GB 3Gs
  • No Wi-Fi (apparently it’s coming in a future version of the device)
  • Everyone who wanted one already had a gray-market iPhone.  I’m guessing that this, coupled with China Unicom’s policy of just letting current owners legally activate on the network, was a big factor.

For what it’s worth, we haven’t sold a single app in China since the launch…

Image Credit:  Demotivation.com


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1 Response to Mission NOT Accomplished

  1. Kathy Schneller

    The market will no doubt grow, but probably more slowly than we would like. The price will naturally drop to boost sales, and then the official product can gain momentum and everyone can sell some more apps.