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Fast Company: Chinese iPhone Looks Poised to Fail

By deans ~ November 5th, 2009. Filed under: Random Thoughts.
Counterfeit "iPhone" in China

Counterfeit iPhone in China

I don’t know how I missed this.  Perhaps I’ve been too distracted by the bright and shiny “Droid” object.

According to a recent story in Fast Company,

China Unicom will be running its own app store independent of Apple’s, so all the apps that western users have come to know and love won’t be available on the iPhone in China.

That disappointing bit completely escaped me.  I wonder if this explains why we haven’t seen a single sale to China since the launch.  It certainly makes me much less interested in the iPhone roll-out to the Middle Kingdom.

Apparently, in China, it’s NOT “all about the apps.”

Image Credit:  iPhone Clone or Look-alike from China?


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