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iPhone Dev – The Competition

By deans ~ October 30th, 2009. Filed under: Random Thoughts.

There are plenty of strong developers out there toiling away at iPhone apps.  Sadly, I feel compelled to remind them, and anyone aspiring to join them, that they are competing for attention with (as of today) something on the order of 100K applications.  Further, more are coming every day from folks like the individual that posed this question on the iPhoneDevSDK forum recently:

What is a string?

I am very new to the iPhone SDK. And I hear the word strings alot, but I have no idea what they are. Could some one explain to me what strings are?

Do we see another flashlight app on the horizon?  The best part is that some helpful members actually made an effort to answer the question.  Amazing.

I guess that you have to start somewhere, but…


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1 Response to iPhone Dev – The Competition

  1. Andrew

    Sadly, some conglomerates out there are hell-bent on making sure a very old idiom comes true. I recall when computer-aided programming promised to ensure that literally anyone could write a computer program. Sadly, it almost became true.
    In the same way that DIY home handyman books allowed thousands of people to make a substantial reduction in the value of their homes, it didn’t turn budding builders into respected (or even accomplished) architects.
    Still, as deans says, “you have to start somewhere”.
    Just not on my house.