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My New Favorite iTunes App Review

By deans ~ September 15th, 2009. Filed under: Random Thoughts.

RingDance App Store IconI had a whole rant composed in my head about this, but I decided that it was pointless.  I’ll just let it go with noting that the individual who wrote this review downloaded RingDance during a free promotional period.  That’s right, they didn’t pay for it.  We set the price to US$0.00 for a time, which allowed enlightened folks like this to provide the following helpful feedback:

Where is the art?
This is so crass!!! If you developers were the least bit sincere, you’d never dream of putting an ad/link on the screen, let alone in the middle of it!!! So now, there is nothing meditational about this app!!! However, there could be, if you let it just be!!!”

This is transcribed verbatim, including the use of three exclamation points to punctuate each sentence.


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