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Mobile Perspectives Housekeeping Note

By deans ~ September 8th, 2009. Filed under: Announcements.

I freaked out when I heard the news about the latest WordPress exploit in Lorelle‘s alarmingly titled “Old WordPress Versions Under Attack” post.  I especially appreciated the warning,”

“Update your WordPress blog before you continue reading this post. That’s how critical this issue is.”

Unfortunately, another blog that Paul and I collaborated on in the past had been compromised by a previous attack.  That one ended up requiring me to edit every post by hand to remove the “bad stuff.”  Paul rushed to update “Mobile Perspectives” to WordPress version 2.8.4 as soon as we saw this news.

After spending the weekend poking around on the blog, we’re fairly confident that (1) we weren’t hit and (2) all of our content survived the update relatively intact (which isn’t always the case).  In any event, if you come across any broken links, or stranger than normal appearing content, please let us know.

The post from WordPress is here.

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