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Another Frustrated App Developer

By deans ~ September 2nd, 2009. Filed under: Observations.

Noel Llopis, over on the Games From Within blog shares another discouraging tale of App Store rejection.  His story is becoming all too typical, but I do agree with his final point:

It might just be slightly annoying for hobbyist developers, but all of this is making the App Store very difficult to build a reliable, sustainable business around it. The lack of visibility, random approval process, unpredictability, and lack of direct contact make it impossible to have a reliable process or combine release dates with other events such as PR or marketing campaigns. At this point, I would even consider a “professional” iPhone developer account that costs $1K per year and gives you a direct contact in Apple and better visibility and predictability with the approval process. Otherwise, if things continue this way, I’m afraid that professional developers will only put up with this for so long and are soon going to consider the iPhone as a secondary platform and they’ll move on to other pastures like the PSP Mini or new opportunities that come up.


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