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Blogs That I Follow

By deans ~ August 26th, 2009. Filed under: Random Thoughts, Resources.

During a conversation about getting started with iPhone development, a new entrant asked me which blogs I follow.  Unfortunately, my aged mind couldn’t list them from memory, so I promised to get back to her when I was sitting in front of my feed reader.  As we’re often talking with developers that are relatively new to the platform, it occurred to me that it might be useful to share the list, so I’ll post it here.  In general, I place a very high value on useful technical content and good writing.  I’m slightly embarrassed to admit that I also like gossip about the platform(s).

The list below is ordered by my priority for reading.  If I have just a tiny bit of time, I read the ones at the top of the list.  If I have more time, I go further down through the list.

  • iPhone DevelopmentJeff LaMarche — I’m a huge fan of “Beginning iPhone 3 Development:  Exploring the iPhone SDK,” the book that Mr. LaMarche wrote with Mr. Mark (see below).  This blog is always extremely well written, regularly offers great development tips and often alerts me to other information sources.  I read a larger portion of Mr. LaMarche’s posts than I do on any of the other blogs.  This is a must follow.
  • Dr. TouchOliver Drobnik — Another blog that often features great development tips.  Mr. Drobnik is also quite funny.  His description of the time that he dropped his MacBook is classic.
  • NSBlogMike Ash — This is one of the best technical blogs on the list.  The only reason that it’s not higher, in this context, is that the blog is more broadly focused on the whole realm of Mac development, so the content isn’t always applicable to the iPhone SDK.  However, I learn something from almost every post and, likewise, consider this a must read blog.
  • Things that were not immediately obvious to me — I’ve actually implemented several of the tips on this blog in BluMtnWerx code.  This is one of the most useful blogs in terms of immediately applicable content and is also a must read.  The author does cover a wide range of topics, so I often find myself skipping posts that aren’t relevant to my interests.
  • Call Me FishmealWil Shipley — Mr. Shipley’s “Pimp My Code” series is among the most informative and directly useful bit of writing that I’ve come across in the blogosphere.  I highly recommend it.
  • theAppleBlog — In my experience, this is the king of the “reasonably credible” Apple gossip blogs.  While the contributors are undoubtedly Apple fans, they are willing to be critical on occasion.  Since Apple’s rumblings are so important to my livelihood, I pay attention to what these folks say is on the horizon, as well as to their analysis of the current landscape.
  • The Boy Genius Report — This blog can’t be beat for timely gossip about upcoming products and adventures with the carriers.
  • Apple Insider Blogs — A great source of gossip regarding happenings in the Apple ecosystem.
  • Daring FireballJohn Gruber — Mr. Gruber is most famous, in my book, for his posts on App Store injustice, here and here.  He is also one of the authors who elicited a response from Apple’s Phil Schiller.  The blog is extremely well written and often provides an interesting perspective on the industry.
  • touchArcade — This is a good source for reviews of the latest additions to the app store.  I have to confess that I’ve bought apps after seeing them reviewed in touchArcade.  Also, the touchArcade forums are, by far, the most productive places to post new app announcements.
  • Dave Mark’s BlogDave Mark — Mr. Mark is the other author of “Beginning iPhone 3 Development:  Exploring the iPhone SDK.”  The blog is very entertaining and covers a broad range of topics, some of which are quite relevant to this discussion.
  • 148Apps.biz — This blog doesn’t get updated very often, but I refer back to their App Store Metrics page several times each week, especially when I’m writing anything about the App Store, or wondering about the current app approval times.
  • furbo.orgCraig Hockenberry — Mr. Hockenberry writes great posts, including the iconic “Year two” vivisection of the App Store.  He has a real “insider’s” perspective that I find to be extremely valuable.  I just wish that he would post more often.
  • iPhone Dev SDK Forum:  iPhone SDK Development RSS feed — I realize that this isn’t a blog, but Chris Stewart has enabled an RSS feed for the “iPhoneDevSDK – iPhone SDK Development forum.”  I follow this one for a couple of reasons.  First, a few times each week, I learn something from the answers.  Second, I like to answer questions posed on this forum, and this is a good way to see what’s been asked recently.  BTW, the URL for the feed is:  http://feeds2.feedburner.com/iPhoneDevSDK-iPhoneSDKDevelopment.


If you have suggestions for others that I should be following, please let me know! I’m always interested in additional excuses to procrastinate.


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