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Preview of a Coming Attraction: iPuck v1.2 Video

By deans ~ July 31st, 2009. Filed under: Announcements.

At BluMtnWerx, we are constantly striving to make our apps more fun and compelling.  That’s whyiPuck App Store Icon we’re very excited to share the news that the soon to be released iPuckv1.2 will be fully integrated into the Scoreloop game network.  The competition and community fostered by Scoreloop provide a whole new dimension to iPuck.  We’ll provide many more details on the new functionality as soon as the update is available (which should be very soon, but we’ve given up trying to forecast the app approval process).

In the meantime, enjoy the preview video, and start looking forward to the arrival of iPuckv1.2:


Among the changes that will soon be available with iPuckv1.2, are:

  • Scoreloop integration!  iPuck v1.2 will be Scoreloop enabled.  This means that you will be able to play as part of a community!iPuck Thumbnail Screen Shot
  • The winner will be the first side to score 21 goals.  Each game plays until one side has scored 21 goals.  At that point, you’ll see a results view that shows your net score, gives the option of uploading the score to Scoreloop and provides a button to start a new game.
  • The defender has become faster, and smarter.  The defender’s algorithm has been adjusted to make respond more quickly to puck movements.

iPuckv1.2 will be available on the App Store in the very near future.  Of course, you can pick up iPuckv1.1 today, and upgrade to v1.2 for free, as soon as it’s released.


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