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Wishing Mr. Jobs A Complete and Speedy Recovery

By deans ~ June 20th, 2009. Filed under: Random Thoughts.

I just about dropped my coffee mug when I checked the WSJ app on my iPod touch this morning.  According to their top story:

Steve Jobs, who has been on medical leave from Apple Inc. since January to treat an undisclosed medical condition, received a liver transplant in Tennessee about two months ago.

I’m still more than a little stunned.  We all knew about the medical leave, but …

Mr. Jobs is truly one of my business heroes.  I’ve suffered the pain of being an Apple developer when he wasn’t leading the company, and I’ve experienced the joy of being part of the community when he is firmly in charge.  I’m extremely relieved to hear that Mr. Jobs is still scheduled to return to work later this month.

I mean no disrespect to the competent professionals at Apple, but, to me at least, Steve Jobs is Apple.  I send him all my best wishes for a full recovery and a triumphant return as the High Priest for the Apple faithful.

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