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Will Netbooks Drive Mobile Broadband Demand?

By deans ~ May 25th, 2009. Filed under: Random Thoughts.

While we’re all caught up developing apps for smartphones, sometimes it’s good to step back and try to see the bigger picture.  Clearly, the smartphone platform has tremendous potential and capabilities, but one has to constantly be looking at other computing nodes at the edge of the network.

I firmly believe that the future will be characterized by the availability of all of your data anywhere, anytime.  Actually, that was a theme from a (now defunct) company that I made a career bet on several years ago.  While we were too early then, I think that the time is now at hand.

Clearly, the mobile network is the critical element of this revolution in computing.  As we’re all frantically building our smartphone apps, I thought that it was interesting to note that these folks seem to think that netbooks will have a significant impact on the businesses of the network operators:

“A new study by Pyramid Research reported that the increased sales of netbooks over the next three to five years will result in higher demand for mobile broadband services, driven by the emerging trend of bundling the low-end computers with mobile data services from specific network operators.”

Given the developments in the worlds of Android and Symbian, I’m guessing that others agree with the analysts at Pyramid Research.


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