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The New Revolution in Computing

By deans ~ May 20th, 2009. Filed under: Observations, Random Thoughts.

In a very thought provoking post titled, “The New Revolution Brewing in Software and Hardware,” John Bowen, from Covington Associates, does a great job of describing some of the tsunami scale changes coming to the way that we view computing and interact with both the network and our devices.

Mr. Bowen argues that this revolution will be driven “bottom-up.”  His assertion is that:

“In this case, the bottom-up technology is the ARM-based processors (which dominate the cell phone market), open-source operating systems (e.g., Android, Symbian, LiMoFoundation), alternative browsers (e.g., Opera, Mozilla), Java, and perhaps most importantly, the mobile applications that sit on top.”

As you can see from the rhetoric on our page, I strongly believe that,

“The nexus of computing is now centered around a range of networked terminal devices with innovative interfaces for both display and interaction.”

That’s why we started BluMtnWerx, and why we’re so excited to be part of the revolution.

Take a look at Mr. Bowen’s post.  He says it better than I can.


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