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A Couple More Xcode Keys

By deans ~ May 31st, 2009. Filed under: Resources.

There are a handful of Xcode keyboard shortcuts that I find particularly useful.  Although the keys are documented, some folks have apparently not come across them, yet.  Hopefully, using these keys will help your productivity as much as it does mine.

First, let’s consider Code Completion.  Two keys here are particularly useful.  <ctl>+. (control + period) cycles through the list of possible completions for the token that you’ve typed, while pressing <esc> brings up the full list of possible completions.  The Xcode menu suggests <opt>+<esc> (alt/option + escape) for this action, but just <esc> seems to work fine.

If code completion doesn’t seem to be working for you, be sure to check the setting for the Automatically Suggest menu in Xcode’s Code Sense preferences.

Another shortcut that I use frequently is <ctl>+/ (control + slash), which cycles between the placeholders highlighted by Code Completion.  Sometimes you can also accomplish this with the arrow keys, but <ctl>+forward slash always works.

Happy Xcoding!

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