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Shortcut for “Go to Counterpart”

By deans ~ April 10th, 2009. Filed under: Resources.

It’s crunch time for getting the first BluMtnWerx apps ready for release, so I’ve been neglecting my writing responsibilities.  This will be a short one, as I’ve got lots of code to write (OK, debug) before I sleep.  Anyway, when I’m in the “code ’til I drop” mode, I find myself using Xcode’s “Go to Couterpart” quite a bit.  This is, at least partly, because I get too tired to actually remember what’s in the header file.  Anyway, I finally got fed up with moving the cursor up to the icon every time I wanted to toggle between header and source files, so I went looking for a shortcut.  What did we do before Google?  When I first started using Xcode, I tried to find an answer in the program’s documentation, but I got frustrated and gave up.   Of course, a fraction of a second with Google gave me the answer:

    <Command>+<Option>+↑   (that’s <UpArrow>)

…toggles between header and source.  As the result is a toggle, a similarly modified ↓ isn’t required to invert the operation.   If I’d looked through Xcode’s menus, I could also have dug it up – it’s under the View menu – but I’m not a menu guy, I’d never even looked at the View menu until I started this post.

That’s it for today’s tip, enjoy…

Postscript:  I tried to use angle brackets:  〈 and 〉 in this post. Every browser that I checked, except IE, handled them just fine.  Sigh…

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  1. Garfield

    thanks for taking the time to write this!