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Book Recommendation: “The iPhone Developer’s Cookbook”

By deans ~ March 2nd, 2009. Filed under: Resources.

I’ve been reading "The iPhone Developer’s Cookbook " by Erica Sadun .  While not perfect (it was apparently written while the SDK was still in Beta), the book goes a long way towards explaining a number of things that I’ve found really puzzling about iPhone development.

My approach, before this week, was to rely on the sample programs, supplemented by the Objective-C documentation on Apple’s Developer Site.  Both helped get me started, but, unfortunately, as I tried to extrapolate from what I was learning, my latest effort went pretty far off the tracks.  The guidance in Ms. Sadun’s book suggested a more correct course that I’m now following.

One bit, in particular, caught my attention.  According to Ms. Sadun, "Despite the name, the UIViewController class does not act strictly as controllers in the MVC sense.  They’re responsible for laying items out on the screen and obscuring many of the more intricate layout details.  Apple terminology does not always match the MVC paradigm taught in computer science classes ."  This is exactly what I saw in the sample programs, and it was driving me nuts.  It’s nice to get some reassurance.  For someone just getting started with iPhone development, this book could be a very helpful resource.

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