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Book Recommendation: Beginning iPhone Development

By deans ~ March 25th, 2009. Filed under: Resources.

As I’ve gained a bit more experience with the iPhone SDK, I’ve been referring back to Beginning iPhone DevelopmentExploring the iPhone SDK, by Dave Mark and Jeff LaMarche, quite a bit.  The book does an excellent job of presenting the basic techniques.  More importantly, it often helps me out by explaining to this poor old engineer why the SDK and Objective-C work that way.  Messrs Mark and LaMarche (I checked, “Messrs” is the correct spelling and usage, here) also go out of their way to encourage good coding practices.  As a noob to the platform, I particularly appreciate the counsel.  It’s clear that both authors are very experienced Mac developers.  (Update: Maybe this is why the book is so good.  Mr. LaMarche clearly loves the platform.)  If you’re just starting out with the iPhone, I highly recommend this book.  At this stage in my learning, it’s my favorite reference.

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